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Recruitment in the legal sector is hard. And you have little time for it with other tasks competing for your attention. So, why not lean on the services of a firm that understands your market? One which has spent decades matching the perfect candidates with the best positions. 
You’ve just found your new recruitment partner. 


We know there are plenty of headhunting options out there in the legal sector. Unfortunately, far too many of them offer a service which is neither strategic nor tailored to each scenario. Wesley Broad understands your business. Or at least, we will, once we’ve taken time to get under the skin of the opportunities you have for new recruits. We appreciate how hard it is to fill sensitive and critical positions. And, most importantly, we know how time poor you are. 
With over 20 years’ experience in legal recruitment, Wesley Broad provides a headhunting service that finds people who are moving for the right reasons. We take into account work-life balance, the calibre of your current team and the other factors you need to get right to maintain your reputation and grow your business. 


Wesley Broad wants to work with you for the long term. And that isn’t because we think the legal industry is one of high staff turnover - it’s because we want to help you build a team that lasts. 
When you need external recruitment services, you need a company you can trust - and one whose judgement can be relied on to find the perfect candidate every time an opportunity arises. That’s why so many firms return to Wesley Broad; they know every candidate we send their way will be worth getting to know. 


As the saying goes, “every law firm lives and dies by the quality of its people”, but how do you find the best candidates if they’re unlikely to answer job adverts? 
Headhunting is the answer, but you’ll need a company like Wesley Broad to find the people who are unlikely to contact you without encouragement. 
We do this thanks to detailed market knowledge, enviable connections, and the desire to approach every recruitment opportunity as a unique project. 


We’ll be visible and attentive throughout the recruitment process, and that starts from the moment we engage with you. Our aim is to fully understand the scope of the role you need to fill and obtain a detailed understanding of your business goals. This enables us to approach the market with the right mindset. We’ll find candidates who match the brief perfectly and who possess the experience, qualifications, and personality traits you desire. They simply must be a good fit so they can blend in with your existing team and make a successful contribution straight away. 
Wesley Broad has built over two decades-worth of brilliant contacts within the legal sector. Added to our experience and access to the latest research tools, this means we’ll ensure only the best talent enters your interview room. Our honesty will also ensure you get proper, considered feedback if the search results in no suitable candidates. In those instances, we’ll work with you to refine the opportunity and the audience to target. 


If you’re ready to talk to us about a position you have or an opportunity you’d like to put out to the market, simply fill in the form below, and a member of our friendly and professional team will get back to you. We look forward to helping you. 
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